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Ever receive a piece of mail addressed to Current Resident OR, underneath the recipients name on top it states Or Current Resident on the 2nd line?  the Sender has paid USPS (revenue; it keeps our postal rates down) to Deliver it to Whomever is Currently Living at the Address. 

In the PAST, you probably could have mailed in a forwarding for Current Resident and if it reached the same clerk who input a mail forwarding of UPS Corporate's mail, (including checks and packages to a guys apt in Chicago that lasted for 4 months!!) uploaded it as Current Resident...  well sorry, USPS NO LONGER ACCEPTS MAIL IN COA's (Change of Addresses).  A suggestion i've been making for the past 10 years.  <-- Although MY suggestion, way back when everyone had regular carriers would have the CARRIER knock on the door with a "certified" confirmation letter (the certified fee would be for connecting with cust, obtaining signature at new or old address: would be "generating revenue.")


NOTE:  Since you have to PROVE your identity online with a matching credit card OR by going into your local post office with a CURRENT ID matching with address (plus paperwork ie. lease, deed, etc for new address). IF L ESS PEOPLE ARE SUCCESSFUL CHANGING THIER ADDRESS it will cause a).  The new/current resident getting their mail WHICH the old resident will see pictures of forever of the don't manually UNsubscribe from the informed Delivery emails they signed up on at the old address (Fill out a case to stop old occupants mail from being delivered)  b)  mail and packages to get returned if they can't be forwarded  c)  more identity theft than ever





You're getting mail for Current Resident and keep putting it back in the mailbox.  It comes back.  You write on it, "not mine."  It keeps coming back.  You start using caps and !!! on your notes on the  Current Resident letters.  Finally you get a handwritten note back on the mailpiece, also with exclaimation points indication "YOU are the current resident!!!"


The Perfect Solution  (TPS)


Now, I thought Ben Franklin set up the Post Office for mostly communication although fun history (see channel on UnemplyDeJoy.com) states we sent children way back when.


Anyway, the COMMUNICATION within the Post Office is horrific and Postmaster Louis DeJoy who stated his first 60 days he gave verbal instructions and obviously some areas didn't get them.  (Search Rep. Rosen and DeJoy and Oversight on youtube to watch the 5 minute video).  Antoehr Rep. from Oregon (I will find the vid) stated DeJoy took a month to state he acted alone his first 60 days.


The PERFECT Solution (TPS) would be to deliver a yearly postcard to each address (no postage necessary, maybe nUSPS dot com would be an ad!) with current rates; indication if "current residents"  ZIP code has been compromised (google USPS Master Key Stolen on youtube and Carrier Robbed to see unsecure zip code stories, mail and identitity theft, washed checks...), list Where to Go To Pick Up pckgs/sign for mail (LPO) Local Post Office Location, statement "put outgoing mail in secure mailbox with RED flag up and it will be picked up when you get incoming; all other mail, mail it from iNSIDE the post office ie. inside mail slot." DeJoy states the mailbox issue (criminals competing for mailbox contents) will take years to resolve.  (May 17, 2023, Oversight, watch on C-SPAN TV).  Da Inside Scoop:  KaRi from TPSradio states that USPS Security recommendation May 2023 that people Hand Their Mail to a Letter Carrier (NOT!) is ludicrous, especially when the opening lines are statistics and how the poor Letter Carriers are being approached with guns!  WHO is writing USPS policy?  WHO is changing and deleting things on the web, youtube page and other social media?

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