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CLICK : DeJoy speaks in private 2023 Institute of World Politics




I thought for sure when the media announced the USPS Postmaster General hosted a secret event at INSTITUTE OF WORLD POLITICS

that Postmaster General would be removed in two weeks, four weeks tops.


To date US Media has yet to share a few items of interest.  What is the conclusion of FBI and DOJ probes?

Both DeJoys (Aldonna Wos, Louis' wife, moved troops for Pres. Bush in 2005 and in 2006 Bush imposed benefit pre-payments) spoke at Institute of World Politics Spring 2023.

PMG Louis DeJoy's wife Aldona Wos hired and overpaid friends at DHHS in NC

Click here for the salaries

Aldona Wos WAS Ambassador to Estonia, the Model Digital Country, voting online since 2015. )The year FBI probed Mrs. DeJoy).

Is my boss' boss' boss' politics in line with our Countries? No PMG EVER was so political!

Below, a PREVIOUS Board of Governor states the facts then questions DeJoy's background check.

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