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I submitted 5 issues to Oversight May 2023 re The Breach, the fact DeJoy shouldn't have been hired (google Dominick VS Louis DeJoy in the Guardian), the fact he spoke at Institute of World Politics 3/14/23, he never claimed LDJ Global Strategies as an Investment and there is no resolution to the Straw Donor inquiry as he was asked about bonusing executives (at New Breed) but he wasn't questioned about regular employees pressured to donate to preferred political plan.



These five (5) minute clips are from various Congress members which clearly show Postmaster Louis DeJoy could care less about the humans.

 "The American People" he calls people like you and me waiting for our important and expected things in our mail slots, unlocked or

locked mailboxes and parcel lockers, on the porch HAVE BEEN IGNORED THE WHOLE THREE (3) YEARS HE'S BEEN ABOARD!



Questions about his Method of Operation

Yes, I watched the whole 5 hours.  While he was being questioned about the changes he made his first 60 days and transparency, 

he was installing the S&DC in Athens, GA.... Just in time for the Senate Run-Off Election.  ANYONE but me notice? 

This is older but just recently DeJoy was asked by Sen. Peters about Hardship Delivery and Peters didn't know what it was.



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