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Below is a list of people on Homeland Security that thought it was a great idea of bringing MARGARET WEICHERT from the private sector into the government.  WHO actually started this and were they aware that a sector of people want OMG and OPM to no longer exist?  That SOME people who are permeated throughout government want everything ONLINE, also parted-out to the private sector like the CURRENT PLATFORM where all Fed Workers most sensitive information is stored.  

click for Congress document

Bizarre Presentation by Margaret Weichert.  This video exists 2 other places on this site as well.
Can't believe it took 4 years of research to come across it.  SHAME ON YOU, MARGARET WEICHERT!
YOU are part of the reason YOUR friends, neighbors and family hate the postal service. 

Gov Stroman  below (who left the Board of Governors then came back?) learned almost 1 million people have signed petitions to fire DeJoy.  He saw the moveon petition 4/24/23 and it was sent to Amber McReynolds through LinkedIn.

The President of the US cannot fire the Postmaster General, it has to come from the Board of Governors.  In this 7 min video, you  will see the three of the latest confirmed.  Feel free to contact them DIRECTLY through LinkedIn in.  (Again, "Gov" Stroman saw the MoveOn petition April 24th via LinkedIn).  Sidenote:  USPS is using Linkedin for USPS paid professionals to post ads all over the internet.  <-- HOW do they get compensated?  Bonuses, perhaps?  Affiliated terms  =  USPS LEADS and ads coming from ZONE...  Lily P.. Kevin T. gathers employees for training off the clock and premises.... Who are the "teams" DeJoy refers to (volunteers or paid?) looking for the criminals in the streets since the postal police were taken off street patrol?  (Aug 2020 same month USPS OIG KEY report came out.

Rep. Cori Bush addresses former Gov Bloom 2 years ago.  He works for the co. that DeJoy has invested  in so he is no longer there. 

Below, previous USPS Board of Gov member under Clinton states how the Postmaster General is

supposed to be bipartisan.  Wonder what DAVID FINEMAN would say today.

Click for youtube interview

Wonder what Fineman would say about the fundraising DeJoy team organized where regular employees
NOT executives were bonused but never asked about; what HE thinks was behind the 2006 pre-payment of
benefits in advance covering employees not hired or even born yet...

AND what he thinks of DEJOY SPEAKING at INSTITUTE of WORLD POLITICS (Bush inspired, Flynn infused).
Publicized but PRIVATE (below). 

Click for INVITE to DeJoy's Event

The last 2 Gov's added were Tangerlini and Kan (from DeliveRR.com)

Previous Board. DeJoy was invested in Ron Bloom's company.


Replace Moak and Zollar

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