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Some people think Postmaster Louis DeJoy is/was Trump's puppet.


Google Search LDJ (Postmaster Louis DeJoy)'s company, LDJ Global Strategies and one simple 5 letter word - trump.   April 2020, one month before Louis DeJoy was appointed position of PMG by the "USPS Board of Governors" strategically placed to do just that!




and has presence throughout the world.


Just google his former companies with a "vs" in front of them to see various legal issues ie. "vs New Breed" (the company he tricked his own brother Dominick out of!) and also "vs New Breed Logistics" purchased by XPO Logistics (although personally I'm betting the GXO part of it will be GLOBALLY tied in with LDJ Global Strategies and... Looks like there are quite a few New Breeds outside of America).





US Gov't is asking which USA citizens are involved with Flannery in Ireland buying up property surrounding a USA Air Force Base. Click re: DeJOY's prev co.

Louis DeJoy is 





Google NEW BREED and BOEING 787's .... BOMBARDIER BASE in DUBLIN, IRELAND ....  Bush, DeJoy and wife Aldona Wos 2005 in ESTONIA:  The Model Digital City voting online since 2015 (The year USPS engineers looked into blockchain patents).



Search "Remove DeJoy" on Twitter, Facebook, youtube and WOW the millions of <DeJoy haters>.  I decided to buy deJAILdeJOY.com and also UnemployDeJoy.com for under $10 ea/yr.  I sure do feel better than sitting around hearing the demise across America while answering calls from YOU about mail pieces and meds taking weeks and months at 1(800)ask-USPS (my day job) and keeping it all in.   Stay Tuned for project postcard.  (I won't be lighting myself on fire like Max Azzarella however I will be mentioning his subejects who are friends of DeJoy (John Podesta, Jamie Dimon).



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