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Coworkers, I am like you!  Silent about my concerns and frustrations until my research led me to PMG Louis DeJoy has the source of the chaos!  Took me 4 years of research to realize that the USPS PMG and CEO of LDJ Global Strategies is using the Post Office to streamline the Supply Chain for... LDJ Global Strategies.  Look how HUGE our Misleader is, listed alongside the most recognized brand names and CEP's on the April 2020 White House Press Release before you or I ever even heard of LOUIS DEJOY!  JOKE is on US!  US and USPS.  Everyone (except those on the list who evidently have DeJoy's "legal" m.o. of bonusing employees (he only answered about execs NOT staff (yet) which you can click below: 

Click here to Read Labor Notes

MEDIA:  You missed that Postmaster Louis DeJoy spoke in private at Institute of World Politics March 14, 2023;  that, when questioned about the Presidential Election and transparency, he was putting the GA S&DC in place in time for the GA Senate Run-off election (where most ended showing up in person to vote for the winner Warnock).  A few of you are taking "introductions" to meetings by a totally unaware Chair and making it your headline or highlighted clip which totally misrepresents the contents and concerns which makes you inept.  Remember - when you look over there where everyone else is looking, you miss the reality of what is HAPPENING beneath your nose.

Coworkers, our RETIREMENTS are invested in these empty office buildings!  The bankers and investors never thought they'd see everyone working from home, not wanting to return!  

Look at PMG LDJ (Louis DeJoy's OWN company called LDJ Global STRATEGIES.... Ooops!  Commerical Real Estate Office Space, Transportation... You DO know DeJoy is using the PO to put 

the ultimate supply chain route in place that will benefit the DeJoy Dynasty, yes?   Google Louis DeJoy and Steven Mnuchin aka The Foreclosure King.  Are these guys HUMAN??!! 

Do NOT bring banking into USPDS until Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan's "Epstein" investigation is complete.  Postmaster Louis DeJoy has been linked to JP Morgan for decades and certain USPS employees can log into JP Morgan right now.  (Came across that is where paychecks come from ? but I am just looking into financials NOW and remember - I am back to work so research time on money and politics aspect is limited.  I basically researched the INTEGRITY and PAST PRACTICES of our fearless(!) leader:  Act Now, Deal with it Later and "Don't ask questions, just let us work and you will see!" was wife Aldona Wos' content on Transparency video before the FBI looked her way at DHHS).   ANYway - do NOT bring in employee or public banking into USPS (I hear it started on east coast?) until USPS employees can vote on the bank OR postal Credit Union!  GOT update?  (562)804-5625

Coworkers click here do you remember getting an email regarding this story, Dec 2020 from someone who mentioned this story? That was me!

I was told to never again email outside my team when I did the above; however does EVERYONE remember the Reply to All that was clogging up the USPS email system for MONTHS beginning December 2022?    It was directly from DeJoy's email and eveyone wished coworkers Happy Holidays as the reply to.  What is IRONIC:  My coworkers don't remember the CONTENTS of DeJoy's email:  It was last minute documented (!) instructions on the S&DC being installed in Athens, GA beneath everyone's nose including Oversight, All other Politicians and I think even Senator Raphael Warnock VS Herschel Walker whose Georgia Runoff Election was in the next few days caught that.... Remember in Dec 2022 PMG DeJoy was questioned about transparency and Where Are the Open Public Meetings on Changes Before Implemented.  LOL.  "Look over there!"  "Where?"   Keep it moving.  And fast is what he states in 2023 when just in Dec 2022 he told Government Exec Magazine he didn't know what he was doing.




Where do you get your information?


The Federal Government nor its employees state anything negative.


The UNIONS of course work WITH management; there is no way around it.


Without employees there would be/will be no union.


The less humans on the last mile, the less union dues, the less union reps..


Note:  No other employee from any other company should be covered by USPS Unions.


Where CAN you get information?


1.. Youtube!  I discovered that the best place to see what is REALLY happening around the country within the post office shows up on youtube;  coworkers videos, video blogs (vlogs).  If you search google for "carrier robbed" and "usps master key stolen" you don't see as much as you do searching videos.  WOW!  Look at ALL of that theft!


2.  Google is your best friend.  Google key words, or people's names ie Jamie Dimon, Michael Cohen, Elliott Broidy, then Thom Tillis separately with the name DeJoy.


3.  Postal Unions.  You may not agree on their stance (did you vote?  I personally do NOT open any postal mail sent to me - I leave work at work) and I confess I do NOT read postal mags.  I am a paying member of both the APWU and NALC because I love the comraderie and knowledge I get from members online.  THIS is how I know what is happening ON the streets, INside the Post Offices (and MINDS of those on the Front Lines).  Add my answering 1-800-ask-USPS and I pretty much see the whole picture of the last mile...


4.   Postal Historians.  There are websites and facebook pages that document and outline the Delivering for America Plan (originally a 5 year plan back in 2015, signed off by USPS Board of Gov Robert "Mike" Duncan who suggested DeJoy for PMG position).



Save The Post Office

A Grand Alliance

All information contained herein is basically regurgitated news items, tweets, articles, links, information extracted from such as intended to bring the reader interested in the State of the USPS and background on the current Postmaster General together on ONE page.  If I sound a little jilted, I am caught between a rock and hard place - I hear first hand from the general public they are NOT getting VERY sensitive mail AND being a non partisan news junkie seeing clips of IGNORED CONGRESSMEMEBERS representing humans since Postmaster Louis DeJoy came aboard...  My conclusion:  Completely ruin the trust in USPS then start over.  Release USPS OIG KEY Report Aug 2020 and take the postal police off of street patrol.   By then, getting ... survival material (personal paper mail and letters and anthing seniors, Veterans, disabled, etc. are waiting on does not seem a "priority" for DeJoy when requiring tracking and a signature for ALL city, state and federal documents would INCREASE REVENUE for USPS.  And further secure the mail!  Search CARRIER ROBBED and USPS MASTER KEY STOLEN on youtube... There is USPS daily news.. - KaRi  (562)804-5625

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