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2024: DeJoy blocks Public Comments after USPS Board of Governor's meetings and he had a "mole" at Google's youtube delete youtube.comtheprimespotcom which featured  Public Comments from 2023. NO heads up, explanation.. BEWARE!  This can happen to you!

Postmaster Louis DeJoy has ignored the HUMANS for the past 4 years.  The "American People" he calls the US postal Customers, those he was hired to serve.

Here are 5 minute clips about current problems discussed May 1, 2023. 


These latest rounds of Representative Comments were ALL about the Crafts (Clerks, Carriers, Mailhandlers) and the Postal Customers (every one of us!) 

DeJoy is SUPPOSED to engage Communities in feedback to changes.  But he gives verbal orders, no documentation.

Below, finances are discussed.  DeJoy doesn't like anyone questioning especially in this area.  Does not like having to respond to PRC, the postal regulatory board.   He prefers no government intervention in "biz" like the country of Estonia where some of his scholarship recipients come from.

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