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Note:  I created this website to bring my anguish into the light.  Not only for me, but the United States Postal Service (USPS) Customers I was hired as a part-time Letter Carrier in 1995 to serve.  I am currently a Full Time Clerk at the USPS National Call Center 1-800-ask-USPS (1-800-275-8777). 


nUSPS.com (n=new ie. post DeJoy) USED to be a site of postal TiPS on receiving mail in the US.  Made with Love for friends, family and whomever perused it by finding it on the web via searching key words.  



If you know the USPS Letetr Carrier below, please let him know he's suffering from "Moral Injury"; scroll down to learn more about that!

During my time on sick leave I researched WHY I was feeling like a ton of bricks after work.  The feeling I had after laying off 10 employees (as Personnel Mgr in the private sector) decades before.  Again, loved my job, coworkers, boss.. Nothing has changed in the past few years in my life EXCEPT the State of the USPS.  The addition of Postmaster Louis DeJoy who never should have been hired.  The dread of threading all of the pieces of the chaos together and seeing an even bigger path of destruction has actually become a form of therapy.

 I couldn't sit back and watch. Stay silent.  It is hard to invite people to what is probably the biggest breach in US history:  previous residents in many cases are seeing pictures of letters going to their old address, belonging to the new/current residents there.  I explain breaches in the Section called THE BREACH.  Other 800 Agents realized this during covid when callers were trying to stop their old carrier That Day from delivering their stimulus check from an address they moved over a year prior.....  Spoke to a caller who still has Informed Delivery where her ex spouse still resides after their divorce 4 years prior.  Amazing, huh?



A Moral Dilemma VS An Ethics Issue 

=  A Moral Injury

For years I answered over 50 calls into 1-800-ask-USPS.  Sure some of the stories were sad; occasionally mail and packages were stolen as well as packages of blank checks ordered).

These past 3 years those calls have increased SO much, instead of 1 in 50, I'd guess about 30% of calls having to do with scams (not all from the PO but refer to 

The Postal Breach page).  The Amount of Identitiy Theft that have been occuring lately is ALARMING.


Triggers to my Leave of Absence:


 1.  Receiving a call from Long Beach, CA about someone's check being washed, mailed from apt outgoing LOCKED mailbox - in one of the same exact zip codes I, MYSELF reported to ALL Long Beach PO's PLUS postal inspection over TEN years ago. Learned a gang robbed a carrier 5 years prior and the LOCKS were never replaced throughout the zip code.  Ever!

 2.  Arguing with my wonderful boss about COMMON SENSE in the post office.  ie. Rule is DO NOT correct a case another made, EVEN if it is regarding an Express Mail (which gets a resolution within 24hrs, NOT 2-3 days).  This is just one of many examples of rules agents HAVE to follow (or get disciplined). I don't want to have a stroke or give my boss a heart attack!

3.  Hearing certain zip codes across America are having residents pick up their mail for over a year now because a thug(s) have the "key to the city."

 4.  Realizing after hearing repetitive complaints via 1-800 about people NOT getting items they've seen in Informed Delivery that they contained a pattern (financial items, letters containing sensitive info, things affecting our NAT'L Security: missing ID's passports...).  <--- Maybe THAT is why so many passports have been ordered and while USPS have so many more addresses - some people are paying for a po box to keep their things safe.

 5.  Learning through Customers there is no insurance coverage on packages that show delivered to the correct (but compromised!) address  <--- CRAZY is delivering to those SAME addresses!   

 6.  Getting inquiries about Hardship Deliveries.  Elderly and Disabled customers living alone, unable to get to their mailbox would call in and we would suggest getting a doctor's note to submit to their local PO... NOW they call in when they live with others but their hardship excuse is, "The others don't get home from school or work until AFTER the thieves rummage through our locked mailboxes down the street."

 7.  The CONTENTS OF THE CALLS after Postmaster Louis DeJoy came aboard is distinctly different.   WHILE ON SICK LEAVE I delved and discovered what I perceive as The Secret Plan August 2020:  Announcement (evidently found by thugs NOT SHARED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC) about the access of master keys, leading for thugs to easily obtain, steal, rob, offer to buy, copy on 3D printers, dispurse, sell on the internet, trace & saw the key on TV screen, shown full size on TV news reports posted to youtube.  



"I appreciate those with integrity, those who have taken the oath re: the sanctity of the mail for speaking out like I have.  Unfortunately we are powerless if Pres Biden doesn't immediately fire the board and put the retired Congress members you can watch in 5 min video clips on youtube in charge as THEY have been following the dismantling since 2020.  Brenda Lawrence, Stephen Lynch..."  -  KaRi  dejailDEJOY.com 

CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  If your credit card is stolen, the thug can easily change your address online.  Here's is a TV news report 

from June 2023 with updates:

Change of Address

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