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In the name of our Letter Carriers whose lives were lost due to the heat.... WHAT IS THE CAP ON TEMPERATURE where we halt delivery?  And WHO made management decision to SEND LETTER CARRIERS OUT in CA while the state was told to stay at home and shelter in place while expecting/experiencing HURRICANE HILARY and the downgraded storms on SUNDAY AUG 20, 2023?   How is THAT safe?  WHERE is the COMMON SENSE in the Post Office?!


OSHA should have records as to preventable VS non preventable deaths. Maybe WHO should monitor Heat Releated Illnesses and deaths? Click for "Mish Mash" article Aug 2023


79 deaths using non union truckers

RIP Candy Bertocci

Being sent new places without training

Another Carrier Suicide

Suicides Posted to Reddit

3 USPS employees shot

Guns in the Workplace

Unknown Year

2 carriers 13 months Texas

RIP Eugene Gates

In addition to airconditioning in vehicles, the interior temperatures should be tested in between carrier walking swings in severe heat. FYI Recent news suggests electric vehicles should not sit in the hot sun.  RIP Mr. Gates.

This is tragic as well.  Peggy Frank reminds me of a coworker.  Think about sitting in a sweatbox and your brain basically frying.  How much water does a carrier bring to combat this.  (More water, more bathroon trips many carriers consider).  This happened years ago and since she returned from being off, it is possible she didn't get the Heat Exhaustion Stand-Up.  As a matter of fact, those stand-ups are very common in recent years most likely due to Peggy.  RIP, coworker.

RIP to those involved in 1970.  This is a 1.5hr movie.  if you need a break, start up the second half at 53:00 mark. Thank you to Wally Pullito, the narrator, former letter carrier for letting my post it here. .  Thank You, brothers and sisters.  Sidenote:  I would never strike, I'd just have the Customer's speak up on employees behalf.  As a matter of fact, I believe Zip Codes should vote on their carriers, carriers vote on Postmaster, and ALL US Citizens (or USPS Customers?) VOTE on Postmaster General.  NO MORE MANIPULATING OUR MAIL WITH THESE PLUG IN PEOPLE WHO TEND TO BE BONUSES AND OVERPAID!

RIP to my brothers and sisters never given light duty, waiting for their payout...

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