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Dear Recent News: Also came across same question in 2019 ie. WHO in US is involved with overseas co. buying up property surrounding Travis Air Force Base.. Perhaps DeJoy has a clue, his old co. NewBreed built base for Bombardier in Belfast Ireland in 2011. CLICK HERE.

Instead of submitting this to over newspapers for print, thought I'd post it here for ANYone to print.  The underlined link above is not referenced in the Op Ed below.  I spent 16 hours per day delving into Louis DeJoy's history for 3 months.  Amazing how involved he is with US politics (putting Name Caller in place as President in 2016).  Just learned from Trump via Biden leak the us is running out of artillery?  Maybe OSHkosh Defense can team up with USPS and get the ammo going.  What does Lighthizer say about Trump and trade with China?  I cannot keep up with politics and the PO so YOUR ASSIGNMENT, READER is to peruse the political videos on IWP.edu where Louis DeJoy spoke in private (March 14, 2023), his wife Aldona Wos is President.  Google their names and FBI).  WHAT ARE MY EMPLOYERS POLITICAL STRATEGIES?  Are they in line with DOD?  Estonia (the country that The DeJoys give scholarships to has little government control and oversight via Parliament). Louis DeJoy is CEO of LDJ Strategies, using USPS to streamline the supply chain route across the US. 

    Dear Newspapers and Readers,

USPS Employee Reports "What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!"

You don't even need to know what Informed Delivery IS or even have a computer to be affected by it.  

USPS machinery takes images of letters on the way to your mailbox, po box, or business whether or not you subscribe to the service.  WARNING:  Previous residents can still be getting the emails of what's headed your way if they never did a Change of Address upon moving (whether on purpose - they don't want creditor following them - or as as an oversight).  800 Call Center Agents received many calls during the pandemic when former residents called in thinking we were the local post office.  The callers into USPS Customer Care wanted their old carrier to NOT deliver their stimulus check they saw out for delivery that specific day!  

Speaking of Oversight, Postmaster Louis DeJoy never listed LDJ Global Strategies, a real estate and logistics firm on his list of investments; never explained that collection boxes have NEVER been safe as long as they have existed (google USPS OIG KEY for the report letting thugs know how easy keys are to get.  Published the same month postal police were taken off of street patrol, Aug 2020!).   DeJoy certainly doesn't look like he did a THING about fentanyl in the mail and he hasn't addressed the HUMAN side of delivery for 3 whole years.   Watch the Congress members state that fact on CSpan2.   

As a Special Delivery carrier (Express and Collections) I reported 2 zip codes in So California as compromised over a decade ago.  I called ALL po's in the city plus postal inspection after finding 5 collection boxes totally empty without vandalism after a 3 days weekend.   These two zip codes to date never had brand new LOCKS installed; only duplicate keys are made if a delivery unit comes up short.  How does THAT make sense?  Of course people will stop using the post office! 

As a call Center agent for the past 9 years, I noticed a very apparent rise in the amount of Identity Theft calls since 2020 as well as our own workforce calling in off duty about their own packages stating they do anything to "avoid using us.".  Speaking to people who took their last birth control pill, heart medication, not finding court documents, custody papers, passports, work visas, social security cards - life's important documents you'd think would require a tracking number - in a locked mailbox.  Contents totally empty or shuffled when thugs put the non important stuff back.  Many agents would love to leave as they feel they are lying to Customers but they are waiting for NRPclassaction.com payout before they can retire; it's been so many years, some employees are now deceased. 

This led me to research:  Watching Mrs. DeJoy (Aldona Wos) describe how she moved troops to Iraq in 2006 as a "soft power" as ambassador to Estonia in 3 videos;  Both hired friends to work at USPS and DHHS respectively (Wos mismailed 49,0000 benefit cards while trying to reform NC's medicaid); FBI interest in both; both spoke at Institute of World Politics, his March 14th is a secret, she is introduced as Ambassador to 2023 grads where they give EAGLE scholarships; DeJoy named his stakeholder mag EAGLE while driving USPS as ground; couldn't find Louis DeJoy's birth date or more than basic information that brother Dominick DeJoy sued the Postmaster in 2000 for impeding his mail and tricking him with contracts; many articles and all of the news reports about his conflicts of interests; investments in our competitors; contract awarded to his former  New Breed without any solicitation from competing companies; the fact that DeJoy gets bonuses from one-sided statistics. (Just search keywords USPS OIG NONDELIVERED to learn items lost, stolen, etc. are not included in the 2.5 and 2.4 average delivery day performance reports!).  In addition, it took DeJoy a month to reply to congress that he acted alone and orally, giving directions the first 60 days without a plan when in fact. the 2015 5-year delivering for America plan was signed off by our previous PMG and the man who suggested him as Postmaster General, Robert "Mike" Duncan. It's ALL on the web when you search key words.

USPS employees aren't allowed to say anything negative.  We are supposed to focus, performing our task at hand without looking at the whole fragmented picture.  Personally, I feel like I am embezzling from the residents themselves not letting them know other people have access to their mail and possibly pictures of their correspondence. And that their priority package won't have coverage when the GEO location shows they were delivered to the same compromised mailboxes. 

I filed reports to Government and Oversight, commented to various Congress members via social media but so far and mums the word.  Shared the info with my boss and his boss (who reports to DeJoy).    I'm off on sick leave writing this feeling sicker the more I learn.  Working at the USPS Customer Care Center now feels like a mail, package and identity theft reporting agency.   Where do we all go from here? 

ABOUT:  Karen Marie (KaRi) Nielsen works at 1-800-ask-USPS.  Her previous position was Letter Carrier and she's been employed for almost 29 years with USPS in Southern California.  StateoftheUSPS is her facebook page and she is on LinkedIn and X..
The above was sent to editor@washpost.com, op-ed@washpost.com and letter@washpost.com   It was rejected however the paper has published related articles.  If YOUR newspaper or publication would like to print it, you have my permission.  -   Karen M. Nielsen

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