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I suggest we change the name of USPS to nUSPS post-DeJoy.     N stands for * New  * Nuevo  *  Neo *  Nar Why?  Because UPS sounds too much like USPS (we get their calls many times) and FedEx sounds like it's Federal Gov't and it's not.

 To create the divide between DeJoy's Biz to Biz Model (focusing on Pitney Bowes not USPS human customers for THREE (3) whole years!) and Free Delivery Service to Every Address in America. 



**************************************  Original nUSPS Site below was a Fan Site with TiPS to Postal Customers on Receiving Mail in the US *****************************
This is a fan site of the United States Postal Service. It is full of TiPS on using USPS, the US Mail System. The official website is USPS.com .  If you are returning to this website, press REFRESH to see the latest updates.  UPDATE: Only Commercial Shippers can change a destination address via package intercept or a recipient if the original address is correct.The COMMERCIAL shippers including Amazon can do this by going through Business Customer Gateway.  ALSO Change of Addresses cost $1.10 on the USPS site.  FINALLY, no more bogus mail-ins.  BUT BEWARE!  There were 3rd party websites and also bogus websites charging up to $90.00 - do NOT use them!
NOTE  Many scams out there.  Search the name AND address of the sender before you buy to read comments from those fallen for scams.  ALSO always follow the package through the carrier's website ie. look at it on USPS.com as you call into 1-800-ask-USPS 
Below are tracking numbers that thousands of people are inquiring about in 2022.  When you receive a text about a package and click on it, a scammer will know the phone number is good.  Next, everyone enters their address, name, email..... Even without clicking the link asking for a credit card think of all of the DAMAGE that can be done with those 4 items.  Anyone can easily mail in a COA on your behalf.  Oh so you put in your credit card but it didn't go through?  That's what YOU THINK...  Please always look up the tracking number on USPS.com BEFORE clicking anything!  And report fraudsters to the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov
Bogus tracking numbers (scams.  Do NOT click! )  US9514961195221   US9214551863212  US9514901185421   THIS one looks so real:  9400111202508899580248    

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52 entries about your UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE.  TiPS from TPS, ThePrimeSpot.com  ....... Think of it as TPS101.........  Facebook    www.facebook.com/StateoftheUSPS
WEEK 52:  USPS's FOREVER STAMP is currently 63 cents   Save or Favorite this link for ALL pricing      https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/notice123.htm
WEEK 51:  You can create an account on USPS.com and use the (free) DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS to have delivered to a neighbor on the same route where the package is addressed, or to leave at a specific place on your property; you can also HOLD FOR CUSTOMER PICKUP at the Local Post Office or RETURN TO SENDER before the Letter Carrier takes it out for Delivery.
WEEK 50.  If you ever see someone walking away from a porch with packages but you didn't see them come out of the house, get a good look at them.  Many people have cameras and contact the news or upload their Porch Pirate videos  to youtube.
WEEK 49.  If you're package winds up UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED, compare your address to the address on the package.  Was an apt or suite no left off?  
WEEK 48.  If you're going to PICK UP PACKAGE from the PO you will need a picture ID that matches the name and package to pick it up.  Or you can designate a representative or mail agent on the Notice Left or with detailed permission note. Designee shows ID and note/notice.
WEEK 47: If you are visiting someone and sending something to yourself there or at work, use the phrase CARE OF that person, company, hotel, school. etc.  PACKAGES to AIRBnB's are NOT deliverable by USPS.
WEEK 46.  Always put your return address on your mailpiece. including your preaddressed and prepaid labels for your return items and letters.  Remember this at the (SSK) Self Service Kiosk. Take a pic before mailing!
WEEK 45.  Never write in marker unless it is a permanent marker.  The weather can be perfect but something can always leak on it from another package during transit.
WEEK 44.  Never send perishables until you ask the producer (fruit, fish, whatever your wish that falls under USPS guidelines, check the site) about TRANSIT (Express!) with the PO.  Pack it considering delays: Staffing, mechanical.
WEEK 43.  CHANGE DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS:  If this shows as an optiom, create an Account on USPS.com and complete that form to pick up the package or have it left with a neighbor.  You will receive a confirmation number.   This option may appear for only a short time, especially if the Post Office is only carrying your package for the LAST MILE.  note"   Remember you CANNOT CHANGE THE DESTINATION ADDRESS  using a Redelivery Form.
WEEK 42.  PO Boxed limit the amount of Postal Workers handling your mail.  You can reserve one online or in person.  You obtain the box number when you visit your NEW PO. if you are moving far away, ask your (old) Postmaster for the PO Box #
WEEK 41.  If you receive a key inside your MAILBOX or PO BOX, the key opens a bigger box below or nearby called a PARCEL LOCKER.  (Note:  Amazon also has their own Parcel Lockers that are located in various stores, malls or public places.  They send you a CODE you need to open those up as there are no keys).
WEEK 40.  Always mail your items before the Official Recommended date by the USPS.  Why?  Because you'll be one step ahead of everyone else!  Also, the recommended dates don't figure in MISSENTS, and it may take multiple attempts to deliver the package.  (NOTICE LEFT appears anytime the Carrier scans an Attempt but that's what they are supposed to do if they haven't run out of notices.  Online retailers will inform you of updates as well).
WEEK 39.  If  the TRACKING NUMBER is unreadable or not indicated on the Notice Left, use the number near the bar code beginning with 5293 on the Notice to request a redelivery.... The carrier is supposed to scan the notice AND package barcodes to the Tracking Number and Notice Numbers "marry up" or reference each other.  (Using Tracking Numbers is best).
WEEK 38.  The automated kiosks inside the PO's do NOT have a return address application.  THE SENDER should ensure a return address is on all package(s).  USPS will have no record of having the package until it's scanned ACCEPTED by the PO.
WEEK 37:  If your PACKAGE STATUS shows  USPS AWAITING ITEM or (only) SHIPPING LABEL CREATED and/or Arrived or Departed SHIPPING PARTNER Facility (note the phrase Shipping PARTNER ie. UPS, DHL, Amazon) his means the United States Postal Service DOES NOT HAVE YOUR PACKAGE YET.  If your speaking with an 800 Agent at USPS, at least confirm the Whole Address is correct - you'd be surprised how many packages are sent out with old or insufficient or "combo" addresses, with old and new address info combined.  3rd party sellers from overseas don't always input the addresses correctly.
WEEK 36:  The reason other couriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. give direct door to door service?  They don't use a MAIL RECEPTACLE like the USPS does, to place smaller packages or letters that don't need to be signed for in a secure.  (Many apartments and neighborhoods are installing PARCEL LOCKERS to secure the bigger items).   The FIRST place to look for smaller items is inside your mail box.  Many Customers call about lost packages BEFORE checking their mailboxes!

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