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Science:  If it is 117 degrees OUTSIDE, how hot is it when a walking carrier returns to the "sweat box" I called it upon returning to the vehhicle after delivering a "swing"?  Will the new vehicles stay cool while closed, windows shut, baking in the sun?  Recent news suggest NOT  to have electric vehicles bake in the sun.
New vehicles should be HYBRID!  Get donated hand-me-downs from existing corporate fleets and with the $aving$, provide Letter Carriers with water, sunscreen and bullet proof vests.  Corporations can get tax breaks and go 100% Electric quicker!   
Test new vehicles for heat PLUS test it idling with 2 phones charging while carrier does rounds.  Will THAT cause a fire (like in older models)?

OSHkosh Defense Union workforce is asking why production will be moved out-of-state to non-union facilty.  We know DeJoy's prior co, New Breed Logistics (google any year prior to 2015) was anti-union.  Visit Dear NACL and APWU page.

New Vehicles should be HYBRID.  Why?  So, if there is a power outtage and vehicle is out of charge, the carrier can 1) use gas to get back to home base (imagine a carrier stranded with a frozen electrical battery in a Buffalo blizzard?  2) use gas to run heater 3) use gas to run air conditioner.  SAVE MONEY AND LIVES!


Also - I suggest AM radio just in case there is an emergency and carrier gets robbed of master postal keys and sometimes they'll take cell phone and scanner.... Search "carrier robbed" and "usps master key stolen" and even "postal vehicle stolen" ALL on youtube.

FIND ALL POSTAL NEWS ON YOUTUBE.  SEARCH "USPS" and your City or State and "News".





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