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To:  Accounting and Loss Prevention, 


How  did Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and team receive bonuses prior to 2023

if, according to the USPS OIG NON DELIVERED report there were no statistics on  stolen,

non attempted, non delivered mail?   Click below.



If the link below doesn't work, find it by googling USPS OIG NON DELIVERED




There was a change made to above report 3 yrs later, July 2023.

No 2 was change from "Disagree" (Inform the Public) to "Agree"

so customers, point that out anytime at your LPO - local PO tells you to contact USPS media.


The very first public comment is about the Rural Carrier Pay System after May 9th's USPS Board of Governor meeting.

My questions are below...


A C C O U N T I N G   P R A C T I C E S 

The Money Order Theft is out of control.  How can USPS bring banking to the PO if there are not checks and balances in place?


Click Link re: Voiding Money Orders, then keeping money

CITY vs COUNTRY carriers:  How does USPS pay two different ways for the same position.

Is this LEGAL according to Federal Wage and Hour laws?   Delivery personnel are categorized

as hourly (back in my HR private sector days).  IN ADDITION:  Salaried Professionals are requested

to "volunteer" to post postal ads (USPS zone) plus take part in Off-the-Clock-Traning at Pizza Places

to get ahead (USPS lead videos).  WHAT IS GOING ON?   Are these professionals abandoning duties to 

fill the internet with posts to drown out all of the negatives ones?  Will they be BONUSES for this later.

like the Straw Donor partipants were after DeJoy's team pressured them to donate to put a Name Caller

in as President?  HOW is the PMG even allowed to speak in private at Institute of World Politics?  Oh that's

another gov't agency.... 

After you watch below, ask yourself what prevents these things from happening again?

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