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Who said, "Crazy is doing the same thing over and over but expecting change?"


After the USPS OIG REPORT about how easy it is to get and duplicate master and arrow key AUGUST 2020,

well this is the same month postal police filed suit to get back on street patrol.  How does THAT make sense?

Remember when DeJoy was asked over&over&over again about the blue boxes? No PMG ever took care of the

duplicate key issue for decades.  Which means when someone gets a key to the city all of the lockable mailboxes

in the specific zip code would have to have NEW LOCKS & keys installed.




A PLEA under 2 minutes

Almost 2 hour interview from Chicago FM station, below.  When I first embarked on doing my own background check, I only REPLIED to individuals who posted news (ie. mailbox theft in this case).  This radio "WiZARD" host was one.....  Almost passed out twice.  I did NOT test that plastic mask by speaking into it longer than Trick or Treat a few times, lol.  Now WHY would I label a category CRAZY or prevent myself this way?  It freaked me out as a promoter of the Creative Community in The (562) a few years ago being recognized PLUS readers know what is in my mind, approaching, even thanking me for informing them of the (current) event we both attended.  ONE time, someone ran towards me (I was uniform picking up a blue collection box, knowing my name, lol).  Wonderful guy btw, but people, keep your distance FROM carriers.  (Yes USPS May 12th "Security Update" mentions how carriers are approached by robbers, then suggest you give your mail to a carrier.... Sigh.   Did one of DeJoy's 23 er, 40 Team of Friends write that?
Yes, craft/hourly coworker, I was the one YOU may have questioned if I was management (topic was integrity or response on your customer-pay-back attitude) or maybe you actually called me CRAZY when I suggested a bunch of USPS workers commit to carrying our OWN employee essentials a certain distance each way IF USPS MAIL STOPPED ie. during covid.  YES, tis I...  KaRi aka Karen Marie.  Thanks for reading.

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